One of the major goals to design light-*-4j frameworks is to provide a Java EE alternative with lower latency, higher throughput and smaller memory footprint.

We basically achieved this goal and beyond. Internally, we maintain a microservices benchmark with all the popular microservices frameworks.

There are third party test from TechEmpower from Round 14 with a version that is not even optimized. Note that it is called light-java in that benchmark and later we have changed name to light-4j.

Now we are working with TechEmpower to optimize the light-4j implementation and I am confident that Round 15 will be better than 14. Here is a preview of Round 15 with multiple query and multiple update not optimized yet.

All the implementations for TechEmpower are following RESTful style although there are a lot of middleware handlers are removed. The source code can be used as an example on how to implement high performance microservices.